Small Businesses Need Tech

Does your business have a plan for a digital presence online?

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You have a small business. You have probably worked hard to learn your trade and put in many hours learning it and getting experience. How do you let customers know that you are there? Word of mouth? Pass out business cards? Register with your local chamber of commerce? None of those are bad ideas and all of those are things that you should consider in your business marketing plan…especially word of mouth because it still is #1. However, we live in a digital world now. It is critical that your business has a presence online, especially as generational changes happen. Back in the day, you just made sure that you showed up in the yellow pages. Today its not that simple.

So, can you just make a Facebook page and a website and watch the business come rolling in? Its not quite that simple. A business Facebook page and website is a good start. Having a social media presence and a designated place on the internet is important these days. But how do you plan to drive traffic to your website? How do you plan to let all of the potential customers out in cyberspace know that you are there? How do you make sure that show up on Google when people are looking for businesses like yours? Is your website optimized for the keywords people would be searching on?

Today, Google search engines will rank your site according to your content quality. Do you have a site that hasn’t been touched in a long time? You wont rank as good. Do you plan to have your website search engine optimized (SEO), so that people can find you? If so, what keywords will you build your site around? See this article about keyword strategies:

This is a lot to think about and a lot for you to try to do while you also have to focus on running your business.

Think about your plan for bringing your business into the digital world. Need help? Reach out to us and we can help you do this!

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